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Florida State University - Softball
Tallahassee Softball Camps
Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register?
2014 Summer Camp registration will take place online in the new year. To begin registration, click the "Add to Cart" button for the camp you want to attend.

How do I know if I'm confirmed for camp?
Upon completing registration you'll receive a confirmation email with important camp information.

Can you pay the day of the camp?
No, you may not pay the day of camp. You must register and pay prior to the deadlines to secure a spot in the camp. You may also put a down payment down.

When is the last day to register for camp?
Camps will most likely fill up quickly, so please sign up early. Limited space is available. You are guaranteed a spot when your camp fees have been paid in full. Each camp usually closes a week out from the camp date. Camp is likely to fill up prior to those dates. It would be in your best interest to sign up online to immediately reserve a spot or send mail-in registrations as soon as possible.

Is there a waiting list to get on if camp fills up before we register?
There will be a waiting list. Please contact us if you have questions about the waiting list.

What to Bring (overnight campers)

  • All personal softball gear (We recommend labeling your gear in case of being misplaced)
  • Alarm Clock (if overnight camp)
  • Linens: Light blanket, 2 single bed sheets; pillow.
  • Sun block, visor, cap and/or sunglasses
  • Water bottles
  • Spending money (suggest $30 if overnight camp)
  • Towels, washcloth, soap, other personal toiletries (if overnight camp)
  • Snacks (if overnight) Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided for overnight. Lunch and dinner provided for day campers

Can parents stay and watch camp sessions?
Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch during camp sessions. We ask that parents please stay in the stands and off the playing field for safety purposes.

Supervision in dorms?
Camp Director and other camp counselors are on the premises and on call 24 hours a day for security and supervision of campers. Overnight emergency contact information will be provided at time of check-in. The private dorms are females only and have a security guard on premises 24 hours a day. There will be a certified athletic trainer staying in the dorm and on call 24-7 as well.

During free time, is there structure in place to keep the campers safe?
During breaks campers are either in the cafeteria eating, in the dorms or right outside the dorms with counselors around. Their meal time takes up a lot of their break. If another parent is transporting your daughter for any reason, written permission is required form the campers parent. We take roll call before returning to the fields after each break so all campers are accounted for before the start of each session.

Are parents allowed in the camper's dorm rooms during camp?
Parents are allowed to help their daughter get situated in their dorm room after check in and assist in the packing up at the conclusion of camp. We do ask that during camp parents stay out of the dorm rooms for safety and security reasons.

If you have two girls coming from the same city are they able to request to bunk together?
Roommate requests will only be accepted up until two weeks prior to the start of each summer camp. We can no longer guarantee suitemate requests.

My daughter has a league game during the camp. Will she be able to leave and come back?
If your child has a league game during the week of camp, please fill out a permission slip during check in. This will let us know what time she will be leaving and returning to camp as well as who will be picking her up and dropping her off. Another parent may pick her up to transport her to her game as long as we have the child's parent's permission slip prior to the start of camp.

My daughter will be involved in a tournament and will not be able to arrive at camp until Monday. Is this a problem?
This is not a problem. We understand there are many tournaments going on and you are not aware how long your team will be competing. Please just communicate with us and we will make arrangements for a late check in. In all parts of the game and the opportunity to incorporate these skills in game-like situations. Campers will be placed with others of similar age and skill level.